• SET BUDGET - Discuss what will be included in the Building Contract.
  • SELECT TYPE - Ranch - Story and 1/2 - Two Story
  • SPECIFY SIZE RANGE - Square footage relative to average construction cost of the type selected for the specific development you will be building in (RESERVE LOT...CLICK HERE)
  • DIVIDE SPACE - Discuss the order of importance and number of rooms for the space
  • DEFINE PREFERRED ARCHITECTURAL STYLE: Gather pictures or copies of elevations and details to be used on plan
  • CONCEPT APPROVAL: Review floor plans and elevations to be used as Bid Set
  • DEFINE DETAILS: Exterior/Interior materials and details
  • DETERMINE COST: Gather pricing of materials, subcontractors, fees and overhead
  • SELECT OPTIONS: Choose materials where multiples are offered, and add on categories
  • EXECUTE BUILDING AGREEMENT: Sign contract for final price of plans and specifications

We, at Weber Homes INC have made a lengthy career of being a hands on builder providing quality craftsmanship and individualized detailing, to an educated buyer. As a hands on builder, we are limited to the number of clients we can service during a given building season.
Our approach to the preliminary planning and upfront option pricing, is the most affective method we have found, to end up working with clients that have the same expectations as the product we intend to deliver.
Your home may be the largest personal investment you make and the place your family spends the most time, so your decisions should be educated ones.
The clients we end up working with, undestand our views and approach, towards creating a home that embraces their lifestyle, not the typical industry's price per square foot.
The overall feel of your home, from roof lines and exterior details, to interior trim work, whether it's a cozy window seat or a kitchen island, add much more value to the livability than can be defined by simply length v width.
The preliminary meeting process is as much an interview for us as it is for you. Designing and delivering a custom home is a committment of time by both parties, and with respect and trust can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to working with you....
Thank you
Marty and Kristi Weber
Frankfort - Mokena - New Lenox - Designer Builder
Frankfort - Mokena - New Lenox - Designer Builder
Photo Gallery of designer homes in Frankfort. Mokena, New Lenox, IL